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ニコラ・オヴレー写真展『American Attractions』を開催いたします。フランス出身のニコラ・オヴレーは銀塩モノクロで作品制作を続けているニューヨーク在住のフォトグラファーです。今展示では、外国人であるという立ち位置から見たアメリカの風景や人々を捉えたシリーズを発表いたします。 12年に渡りアメリカ合衆国に住むニコラ・オヴレーは、2016年におこなわれた大統領選挙が、アメリカの威信やアイデンティティ、友人や家族関係、まさに社会や家族など様々なものを揺るがす、大きな分岐点だと感じました。そしてその選挙をきっかけにアメリカという国を観察し始めます。アメリカの各地を旅しながら、その文化や失われつつある風景、アイデンティティ、そして今と未来を常に期待するアメリカ特有の感情やそこに生きる人々の姿を撮影しました。日常や旅の中で出会ったアメリカの風景や人々が、皮肉やユーモア、時に哀愁とともに写し出されています。銀塩フィルムよりデジタル化したインジェットプリント25点を展示いたします。ご高覧いただければ幸いです。 ニコラ・オヴレーは2018年のKG+ではAward Finalistに選出されるなど、日本でも積極的に作品を製作・発表しています。


"American Attractions" by Nicolas Auvray “Great Times are coming” advertises a beer billboard above my head in the subway. The covers in the newsstand advertise a new president, body performance in sports and swimsuits. It seems the Promised Land is close. After living in the US over the last 12 years I observed 2016 as an awakening year. The elections threatened to divide loyalties, friendships and even families. The year left many feeling they no longer understood their own country. Anger and frustration took the stage, won the electorate and continues to roil the US daily. I have been continuously photographing the United States in various locations. These images capture raw sentiment about the past, present and perhaps awaited change. Some areas in the US still hover with a ghost-like obscurity linking the past to present, lost in time and waiting for the next phase. I never intended to build a documentary, but to capture some small stories, which once linked together, tell a larger tale. The raw material is about the United States and I am sharing my personal experiences and that of the people I encountered. I share my surprises, questions, encounters and discoveries. Each image in the series tells of one aspect of the aspiration and tensions, whether social, political or environmental.

*Biography & Exhibitions

Born in France, Nicolas Auvray spent years living in various countries (USA, China, Austria, Australia and Singapore), and now resides in New York City since 2005. He has been a photographer for 25 years and studied at the International Center of Photography (I.C.P.) in New York where he still collaborates. He mainly uses medium and large format analogue cameras and prints primarily in traditional darkrooms both in Paris and New York.
Upcoming: February 2019: GalleryMain Kyoto - American Attractions
Upcoming: January 2019: Presented by Sigma Lenses, Tokyo. Collective
Show for KG+ Festival Award Nominees. Selection from ”Lisa”
November 2018: Fotofever, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, presented by Gallery Hegoa
June-August 2018: Gallery HEGOA, Paris 7th. Summer show collective exhibition.
May 2018: Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong
April - May 2018 Festival KG+, Kyoto, Japan: “LISA”
Solo exhibition presented by gallery Anewal, and Artist residence. The exhibition was nominated for KG+ award 2018. Supported by ICP New York.
March 2018: Affordable Art Fair New York
January 2018: Artrooms, Regent Park, London. International Contemporary Art Fair
January 2018: Photo18: Photography art fair, Zurich, Switzerland.
June 15 - Sept. 2017: Gallery HEGOA, Paris 7th- “Attractions Nocturnes: Paris”
« Paris, jolie Capitale » Collective exhibition.
March 25-April 30 2017: Emoi Photographique Festival , Angoulême- “BELLA ROSE”.
29 August – 16 Sept. 2016: Festival America, Vincennes, France, “American Attractions”
Festival Exhibition- Solo Show, public outdoor display of 40 large scale images. video link
October 1st - December 6th 2015:“Attractions Nocturnes”(Night Attractions).
Solo show, presented by the city of Paris.
Public outdoor display of 19 large scale black and white images. Place du Louvre, Paris, France.
Exhibition in partnership with the City of Paris and Bibliothèque nationale de France.
Nov.10 2011- Jan. 2012 : Cyrus Company, Soho, New York.
Oct. - Nov. 2010: Cyrus Company, Soho, New York. American Landscapes.
2009 & 2010 : Local Exhibitions in Westchester County, New York
2006-2018 : Teaching Assistant, International Center of Photography (ICP) New York.
In France Nicolas Auvray is represented by Gallery HEGOA
In 2017, a selection of his work enters the photography collection of the Bibliothèque nationale de France.