“Домой - シベリア鉄道 -”

小池貴之 写真展|
Kino Koike solo exhibition

2020/12/15 (tue.) - 12/20 (sun.)
Open: 13:00-20:00
最終日は18時まで|13:00-18:00 on last day



未知の国ロシアを知りたい。その好奇心からシベリア鉄道で旅をすることにした。ウラジオストク~モスクワまでの約9000km の区間を何度も乗り降りし、車内の人たちと話し、人や景色を撮った。出稼ぎ労働者、エンジニア、軍人、商人、旅人、様々な人と仕事や文化、政治、歴史などをグーグル翻訳越しに語り合った。彼らは饒舌で気さくで自由に話す。ロシアは閉鎖的という私の想像はひと昔前のステレオタイプだったのだろう。


“Damoy”, I heard this word many times during my trip and I was startled. I remembered hearing the same word from the soldiers detained in Siberia.
There are still some unresolved political issues between Japan and Russia, such as memory of war and territorial issues. As I grew up in Hokkaido, and I strongly felt that separation.

I wanted to understand Russia, the unknown country for me. From my strong curiosity, I have decided to travel throughout Russia using the Siberian Railway.
I traveled approximately 9,000km from Vladivostok to Moscow getting on and off of the train to take pictures of the people and the scenery.
I've also talked with migrant workers, engineers, soldiers, merchants, travelers and other various people in the train using Google translation to discuss about each other's work, culture, politics, history, etc.
They were very talkative, friendly, and they spoke freely. I felt the people I've met through my trip were far from my image of Russia with the stereotype of being a closed society in the past.

“Домой”, this word means go home, hometown, and family. When we get to know each other, they often happily show off their proud landscapes and photos of their family and friends.
The man on his way home after finishing his work in the mine said.
"I can go home because of this railroad, and can meet my family, and can see you. I want to show you my hometown."
I was grateful that they accept me, stranger from Japan, without prejudice.
At that time, I noticed that the dirty windows between me and them had been removed.

Artist profile

小池貴之|Kino Koike

– 経歴
1980 北海道函館市生まれ
2005 立命館大学大学院理工学研究科修了

– 個展
2003/11 モノクローム (Photo Gallery ississ 京都 )
2005/03 現れた瞬間 (Photo Gallery ississ 京都 )
2019/02 街と体温 – 香港 – (Paper Pool 東京 )
2020/09 Домой – シベリア鉄道 – (Roonee 247 Fine Arts 東京 )